So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. JN8:36. Jesus came to give you new life to the full. Without realising it we can let our failings create fear of the future,we continue to struggle with addictions, and learn to live with regrets,and before we know it we have trapped ourselves in a cocoon that we have allowed to form around our lives. When we make a decision to repent of our sins its effectively shedding the old life and asking Jesus to guide us into His limitless potential and eternal future for our life. He breaks the cocoon around our life and sets us free with new wings so that we can soar like an eagle into the reality of what we can do with God. He releases us from our past to give us a fresh start. Thanks Jesus for the new life He has given you today. If there’s anything that is keeping you back from God, repent of it now and allow God to fill you with new hope and joy for your life.

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