This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. Heb 6:19. Jesus is the anchor of our soul. Its only when we’re in the midst of a storm do we realise how strongly we are anchored in Him. Do we press into Jesus and draw nearer to Him or do we allow our imaginations to think the worst and run elsewhere to try and deal with our situation. It’s only the water in your boat that will sink you, so if you’re firmly anchored in Him it won’t matter how high the storms will toss you, God will take you through and not allow you to sink. Keep your eyes firmly on Him. Reaffirm constantly that He is your hope and that God will make a way. Praise Him in the midst of the storm and thank Him for making a away even before you see it. Thank Jesus today that He is your strength and your hope. Never give up. With Jesus you are never alone and regardless of how dire the situation may appear, He will take you through.

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