But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer Lk 5:16. Crowds were following Jesus, yet Jesus made time to slip away and pray. If Jesus needed to find time to pray in the busyness of life, then how much more do we. It’s in our times of prayer that we keep close to God. Often when we feel God is distant, it could be that we have neglected to spend time with Him. Jesus needed time with the Father, so do we. It helps us to keep our focus and direction. When we pray we recognise the importance of God in our life and that He is with us making a way in all things. We need time out to pray every day. We need to stay close to God to hear His voice guiding our steps and helping us to retain our peace no matter what life may bring. Praise God today that He is always there for us, listening and responding to our prayers, as we believe in Him and stand on His Word and His promises for our life.

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