Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. 1Jn 5:21.  It’s God’s love in our heart that fills us with His peace, joy, hope and His direction for our life. Be careful not to allow the things of this world to take God’s place in your heart. Striving for riches, ambition, popularity and other temporal pleasures will draw you away from God and His peace in your life. As we draw near to God we will find contentment with what we have and learn to live and enjoy one day at a time. Continually striving for something you don’t have will steal each day from you as you loose sight of what you do have for something you might never have. Give it God, let Him bring order in your life, and His perfect peace will direct your steps. Praise God today that as we keep close to Him, our hearts desires will be His desires so that our life will always be fulfilled in His favour and grace.

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