The lazy person claims, “There’s a lion on the road! Yes I’m sure there’s a lion out there!” Pr 26:13. The lazy person looks for any excuse not to step out and pursue what God has put on His heart. Fear is an excuse, as courage recognises that what we have to do is more important than how we feel. Success comes to those who are willing to work hard and persist without giving up. We were created to step out with God, and as we trust Him, He will release His favour into our situation and into our life. We were created to live a life of faith where we step out as God directs and take a risk, and trust God’s guidance in our life. Remember God knows the future and only wants your best. He won’t always tell you the outcome, as your growth is linked to the journey and not the destination. Praise God today that as we trust Him and step out regardless of what we see, we will live a victorious life.

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