Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established. Pr4:26. 2018 is a New Year, a wonderful time to prayerfully reflect on 2017 and to seek what God wants you to do in 2018. It’s vital to realise that if 2018 is to be a different year something must change in your life. You can’t repeat what you did in 2017 and expect a different outcome this year. Prayerfully consider realistic goals for this year, trust God and take bigger steps. Write down your vision and key yardsticks to measure your progress along the way. Look at your goals daily and monitor progress against your goals frequently. Make adjustments if you fall behind and rejoice as you keep on target. Praise God today that He will direct our steps as we seek His guidance for this year. He will make a way for us to see bigger and better things come to pass in our life as we listen, trust and follow whatever He puts on our heart to do.

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