The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. Jn 1:5. Jesus is the light and wherever His light shines the darkness cannot overcome it. Let Jesus shine His light into any of your dark places. If you’re struggling with anything bring it to Jesus and He’ll make a way, He will be your strength and He’ll guide you. It’s not His plan that you should struggle with any strongholds in your life. He came to set you free so that you can live in the fullness of everything He has for you. Jesus loves you so much and desires that you live in His peace beyond words. It’s in that place of peace where we can hear His voice with greater clarity and sense His direction for our life. Thank Jesus today that He’s the light of our life and as we bring our struggles and areas of weakness before Him, He’ll shine His light of breakthrough into our life to bring us freedom and peace.

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