A quarrelsome person starts fights easily as hot embers light charcoal or fire lights wood. Prov 26:21. Let love be your motivation. A quarrelsome person can find fault in everything, sometimes without even realising it. They change the atmosphere and create conflict where grace could have retained the peace. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have a difference of opinion, or if you feel your position is the most appropriate. We can argue over stupid things or even resurrect past issues that are best left dead and buried. Jesus gave His life for us so that we can be in right relationship with God. He gave us a fresh start and showed us mercy and not judgement. We too must allow love to cover a multitude of issues so that Gods love can touch others lives. Praise Him today for His grace and mercy that is always there for us when we need it, so let us also reach out to others, because God reached out to us.

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