Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything. PR 13:3. There are times to speak and times to remain silent. There are times to hold your breath long enough not to say what you would regret later. Your words can bring life, joy and encouragement, or condemnation, despair and futility. Your words can destroy someone’s confidence or instil a belief that they can do anything they put their hands to. If you guard your words and follow what your heart knows is right and true, you will live a long life with peace and joy. Words spoken in temper can still leave a scar even after a matter is resolved. So be quick to listen and slow to speak and let your words release life in every conversation. Thank Jesus today that He is the Word, our life giver, our future and our hope. Let your words share His words to bring hope and joy into the lives of others wherever you go.

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