David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the LORD his God. 1 Sam 30:6. When raiders had taken everything from David and His men; their families and possessions, David’s men were going to turn on David, but David sought the Lord. When all seems bleak and beyond you, come before God who is your refuge and your strength. Don’t focus on your circumstances and allow them to overwhelm you, but look to God. In His presence there is fullness of joy where we can be refreshed and strengthened. Its in that place that we can seek His face and direction. When we come before God we can walk in His strength and not our own as God will guide our actions and steps. Praise God today that He loves you, cares for you, and will give you the wisdom you need to walk through the most difficult situations.

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