Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs. Pr 10:12. Love will always make a way. Where there is a lack of love people will find fault in anything and start an argument over the smallest thing. This is not God’s way. Love is patient and kind and will make allowances for the faults of others. It won’t look to start arguments but rather quell them. When we allow the love of Jesus to truly captivate our heart, His love will flow into those situations so that we are ready to forgive rather than to quarrel. If we’re becoming argumentative, we must search our heart as somewhere along the way we’ve allowed the devil to cultivate inside of us a critical spirit. We must repent of that and ask Jesus to give us a heart of compassion towards others and especially those we struggle with. Praise God today that He has forgiven us our faults so that we can forgive the faults of others too.

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