So the LORD blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning. Job 42:12a. The Lord still has great plans ahead for your life regardless of where you are right now. Job was near deaths door, he had lost his children, his wealth, his health and most of his friends. He was near the end but He never cursed God. God restored Job as he humbled himself before God and acknowledged that God can do all things. In fact He received a double blessing in every part of His life. Never give up on life, your dreams or God. He has the ability to completely turn everything around even when all around you seems impossible and in complete disarray. Trust Him and read more of His Word. Find promises in His Word relevant to your situation and believe God for them and stand on them every day. Praise God daily and keep thanking Him for the breakthrough, even though you can not see it yet, it will come.

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