For nothing is impossible with God.” Lk 1:37. Our God is a miracle working God and as we step out in faith, all things become possible. Faith does not say,”I will make things easy”, or “I am a magic wand”, faith says “I make things possible!”. Faith involves us taking active steps towards what we hope for, and as we get to the end of our ability, God will meet us there to take us forward. As we believe in faith, we must walk in the confidence that God will move in the situation we are believing for. As we trust Him, we look to Him, His Word, His diagnosis. His word says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me”, “I am healed”, “He made me to be the head and not the tail”, “He leads us into triumphant victory”. Praise God everyday for your breakthrough with a heart of gratitude, and as you keep your eyes on Jesus and not on your circumstances, He will lead you into triumphant victory.

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