This is the meaning of the parable: The seed is God’s word. Lk 8:11. God’s Word is God’s way, it should be our anchor, our hope the foundation on which all our decisions and actions are made. If our actions don’t line up with God’s Word then we are putting something above God in a higher place in our life. That can be popular opinion or political correctness, all of which change in just a few years. God’s Word is truth and will last forever, popular opinions change like the wind and can place you in a position that will push you away from God. We can only relate to God and have personal relationship with Him on His terms and not ours. If you’re not as close to Him as you know you should be, search your heart and make whatever adjustments as the Holy Spirit prompts you. Praise God today for His Word that reveals the love of Jesus to our heart that never changes as we put our hope in Him.

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