We love each other because he loved us first. 1 Jn 4:19. We can love, because God first loved us. In fact our love for God is a reciprocal love, where we love God back for loving us, we can never love God more than He loves us. It’s through Gods’ love in us that we can even love the unloveable. When God’s love fills us, it becomes our natural response to look at others with a heart of love, to see the best in others and to be compassionate and forgiving. Love covers a multitude of sins, it won’t be baited and drawn into pointless arguments. True love will work to create the best outcomes in the lives of others. Love will always make a way and is quick to forgive. If you are struggling, with forgiveness, just ask for His help. Thank God and worship Him today for loving us, so that we can love others and be loved. It’s His love in us that helps us to rise above life’s problems and to see the best in others.

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