The LORD detests the use of dishonest scales, but he delights in accurate weights. PR 11:1-3. It’s also about perspectives, how we weigh up situations and how we see and deal with others. We must realise that there are always 2 sides to every situation. When we are driven by selfish motives, or refuse to listen, or see the others persons side, we are loading the scales in the wrong direction. When Jesus died for us, our accounts were squared off with God. God didn’t say, I really don’t like what they did so I will not accept what Jesus did for them. No, Jesus paid for it all, regardless of our past, we are forgiven and set free from the things that held us back. We must also be fair with others, ready to forgive, ready to reconcile and ready to see things the way God wants us to, to reveal His love flowing from our life. Praise God today that His grace, compassion and love towards us is beyond compare.

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