Short-tempered people do foolish things Prov 14:17a. Anger is a learned response it is not something we are born with and can be unlearned. A short temper will rob your happiness and the opportunity to make wise decisions. A short temper often hurts others and ultimately ourselves through an uncontrolled or abrupt response. Whatever the reason, a short temper is not God’s way. It does not flow out of love and stops God from moving amazingly in your situation. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that we can develop when we stay close to God so that when something does jump out at us unexpectedly, we don’t lose it, but hold on to allow Gods wisdom and outcome to prevail. God may not alter the result,but waiting on God can minimise or eliminate the pain to others and ourselves of a short temper. Praise Him today that His ways allow us to a live a life of happiness and joy when we walk with Him in every situation.

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