The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD. Pr 21:31. Faith without works is dead. We must do our part and God will do the rest. We must be ready, prepared and step out in faith. As we step out, God will meet us and release his divine favour into whatever situation we are believing Him for whether its for victory, freedom, release, reconciliation, restitution, healing or breakthrough. We must see it in the spirit and believe it, so that God can release it in the natural. We must not waiver in our faith and keep holding onto God as the answer will come, just in time, not early, but in God’s perfect timing for our lives. As we hold on in faith we will be strengthened in our walk and God will sustain us until we breakthrough. Praise God today that He is a miracle working God who is more than able to move powerfully to bring victory in whatever situation we may be facing.

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