So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and fasting. Dan9:3a. Sometimes you feel you need to get really serious with God in your praying for a specific situation. Fasting is a way we can fine tune our spiritual ears to hear what God is speaking into our life. When we fast we put God first and suppress our physical needs that allows our spiritual sensitivity to increase so that we become more aware of God’s voice speaking into our Spirit. Fasting has been used as a way to press into God in earnestness and seriousness in many severe situations and important decisions throughout God’s Word. Only fast food if you’re healthy, but when you do fast, make sure you spend time in prayer and waiting on God. It’s in that still place you’ll hear His voice and the answer you’re seeking. Praise God today that He only desires our very best and as we earnestly seek Him, He will guide us.

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