At the lord’s direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress. Num 33:2a. Sometimes you need to keep track of the journey to see how far you’ve come. We can easily find ourselves in situations where all we see is the problem and forget how much we have grown in our faith and the incredible things God has already done in our life. If He has helped us before, He can do it again. We should all start our own Miracle prayer journal where we keep track of what God has done for us. We should start with a summary of all the amazing things He has already done in our lives so that when we do face new trials we can look back to what God has done to encourage our faith to believe God for even greater things. Praise God today for He is always faithful. He loves you with a zeal and will never let you down. Keep your eyes on Him and thank Him for past victories and for your current breakthrough, that will come.

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