The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way? Pr 20:24. The Lord is a lamp to our path, as we start to take steps towards accomplishing the plans we put in place for this year, He will direct our steps. He is not expecting us to make leaps and bounds, but to tale one step at a time. The old saying – inch by inch is cinch but by the yard is hard, is so true. As we trust God with each step He will guide our feet, and while our eyes are on Him, don’t question, but trust! A heart to heart relationship is founded on trust, and God can not lie, so each step no matter how treacherous or unfamiliar will be secured by God. So keep trusting Him and you will be astonished how far you can progress with such few steps when God is with you! Praise God today that He will illuminate the path we need to take and direct our actions as we trust Him with our plans for the year ahead.

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