If you would do what is right, you would find my words comforting. Mic 2:7b. The Lord’s Word is our comfort and peace. His Word guides us, strengthens us and directs our steps. His Word is not to condemn us, but to set us free and guide us into a lifestyle designed by God to give us the greatest liberty and freedom. To those who love Jesus there is no fear only hope, strength, fulfilment and joy that only God can give. Make spending more time in the Word a priority for this year. Allow His Word to bring you greater revelation of how much you are loved. As you spend more time in His Word, your thinking will be renewed that wIll alter your emotions to positively impact your actions and life. Worship Him today as you explore His Word to discover the wonderful things that He has for you this year, and allow the revelations of His Word to penetrate deep into your Spirit as you give Him all the Glory.

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