If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles. Mat 5:41. The power of the second mile is incredible. When you go above and beyond for someone you don’t even like, you not only honour God, but you bestow such a blessing on others that is so out of the ordinary, that they will think about it, think about your motivation, and some will never forget it. In Istanbul I was haggling over a taxi fare home before I got in, a Turkish man walked up to the cab spoke to the driver,paid him the fare and said “get in you won’t have any more problems”. I’ve never forgotten this or the handful of other such moments in my life. When you walk the second mile you will really sense the love of God flowing through your life where you will actually be more blessed than the recipient. Thank God for His boundless love today and walk the second mile for a stranger or someone you don’t even like today

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