For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. Rom 8:14. Jesus changes everything, the way you see things, your demeanour, the way you think, your hearts desires, He takes away fear of the future and instils within us a new confidence through the Holy Spirit. He stirs our spirit when something inside is moving out of alignment with God’s will for our life. His perfect peace guides our decisions, so that when we lose our peace, we know that something is out of kilter with God’s best for us. When we walk in the Spirit, we intrinsically know what pleases God, and when confronted by choices where the options aren’t clear, we listen for God’s direction and in that way we are Spirit led. There is no better life, than life in the Spirit. Praise God today that He takes a personal interest in our every thought and action, and that as Children of God we are never alone as God’s Spirit is always with us.

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