This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. PS 118:24. How wonderful that our past doesn’t define our future. Today gives us a new opportunity to put right a wrong, to live the moment, to appreciate what we have and to say “I love you”. Enjoy your family and friends, look at those you work with, with a different heart, make active decisions and plans to change those areas in your life you would like to change. Spend more time in the Word, pray with greater intent and more intimately so that you will draw closer to God and experience greater liberty, freedom and peace in every area of your life. Praise God that today is a new day and that His mercies are renewed each morning. Praise God that today He gives you a fresh start to conquer yesterdays failures and to make the changes you desire in your life. Praise God today that as your draw nearer to Him, He will guide your steps.

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