The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense. Pr27:7. Don’t do life alone. If you’re struggling with something, confide in a friend, share your heart, your pain your sorrow,it will be like releasing a pressure cooker valve. As you share, a true friend will provide loving guidance through their set of eyes,that can often see things differently to ours, as often we’re too close to the situation. Conversely, if you see a friend who is not quite right, make a point to catch up with them and encourage them. When we look at a struggling friend, say to yourself, what would I like them to do if I was in their situation. It’s at these time that we can release the love of Jesus into the lives of those we care about. Praise God today for the friends He’s given us. Pray for them, spend time with them and encourage them. If you’re struggling, open up to a true friend who can be a real blessing.

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