Work brings profit, but mere talk leads to poverty! Pr 14:23. Faith without works is dead Jm 2:20. Sometimes we can speak about our plans and just wait for the right opportunity that may never come. Sometimes God will take you on a detour and open a door you didn’t expect or want, but often that door can be a bridge to access another door to bring you to where God actually wants you to be. We must be faithful and willing to obey what God puts on our heart. If we have His peace in our Spirit, we should be willing to take those steps of faith, as it’s action that brings results. Faith is motion, you must make a start to see how God will work with you on this. God only wants the very best for your life so trust Him, and He will make a way. Praise God today that in Him we will have the victory as we take steps to bring life to dreams and promptings that God has been putting on our heart.

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