Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act. Ps 37:7a. Prayer is two way communication, we need to wait on God for His response. Sometimes the trials we are going through are preparing us for what God has next for our life. How we handle those trials can determine how quickly we get through them. Difficult people can be like sandpaper that God may send our way to smoothen our rough edges. Sometimes we encounter divine delays where God holds back to stop us from making a wrong decision or where God doesn’t want us to settle for bronze when He has gold in mind for us. Wait on God, and allow His peace to fill you, don’t be anxious but be expectant. Thank God that the best is yet to come and you will start to see the way you look at your situation in a different light. Praise God today that He is always working on our behalf to see His will fulfilled in our life.

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