Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the LORD means safety. Prov 29:25. When we fear man we deny God His ability to move in our situation. Fear is the opposite to faith, where faith expresses itself in trust in God. JFK in his inauguration speech said “We must never negotiate from a place of fear but let us never fear to negotiate”. We must always step out even when the odds in the natural are against us. It’s the brave who take the future and eventually step into the fulfilment of their God given destiny. It’s God’s desire to take  you beyond your own ability as you trust Him and walk with Him every step of the way. As you take the first steps, God will take you through. Don’t look to your limitations but look to Gods limitlessness. Praise Him today that God is always with you in every situation. Keep thanking Him for favour and for the breakthrough and He will make way, His way.

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