We love each other because he loved us first. 1Jn 4:19. The greatest gift God gave us is His love, and the ability to love. A love that was so powerful, that even though He knew we would reject Him first, He still created humanity, with a plan that would. cause Him immense pain and cost the life of His Son Jesus, to bridge the gap between His love and our heart. God paved a way for us to receive the fullness of His love, to have a personal relationship with Him, one on one, to the extent that we so desire. And in that was the next greatest gift, the gift of free will, to accept or reject Him. He gave us the ability to love with such passion that we can forsake all for the desire of our Heart, and this is exactly how much He loves you and so much more. Worship Him and love Him today. Pour out your heart to God and as you worship Him, you will sense His glory, His presence, immerse you in His peace and love.

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