For we live by believing and not by seeing. 2 Cor 5:7. We live by faith that releases God’s supernatural power and blessing into our lives. Our words are like a rudder that directs our life. We must speak into our  future, into the direction we wish to go. Our words are a declaration of what we believe, so we must make sure they are faith filled to bring blessings rather than curses. What words do you speak over yourself each day? I am blessed, I am healed, I am full of energy, I can rise up beyond my situation into victory, I know God is for me so who can be against me…  Don’t allow negative words to take root in your life. Let only positive declarations of grace and favour leave your lips for your life. You carry the love of Jesus in you, so let your life leave His fragrance wherever you go. Praise God today that He makes all things possible and although you may not see it yet, it will come to pass!!

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