He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. Jn 3:30. These are the words of John the baptist when speaking about Jesus. In one sense this also applies to us, in that Jesus must increase in our life more and more, and our own desires must become less and less. As we purpose in our heart to draw nearer to God in worship and prayer, we will find His peace significantly increase in our life. His desires will become our desires and it will be our desire to walk as Jesus walked. As we read His Word, our mind will be renewed and we will start to see things through His eyes. Our heart for others will increase as the love of Jesus fills our heart to overflowing so that love and compassion for others will flow naturally from our life. Praise God today that as we draw closer to Him, our relationship with Jesus will grow deeper and fill us with more of His love, joy and peace.

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