To flatter friends is to lay a trap for their feet. Pr 29:5. Friends are a precious gift from God. We can share with true friends openly and honestly without fear of reprisal or breach of confidentiality. We should also be honest with our friends, especially if we see something is not right that could cause them a problem. Flattery is not kindness when its masking the truth, especially when a potentially difficult or awkward conversation could make a significant difference in their life. Truth given in a spirit of love will be received with the same spirit in which it is given. Knowledge is knowing something, but it’s wisdom that will guide you in how to share what you know. Ask God for wisdom and He will guide your words. Praise God today for true friends, ask God to help us to always be a blessing to those people who are important in our life, and to have the courage to be honest with them always.

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