And he called his twelve disciples together and began sending them out two by two, Mark 6:7a. There is strength in unity. Jesus sent out His disciples in pairs so they could encourage, strengthen and support each other. We were created for relationship and not to do life alone. If we have difficulties we should share them with a friend and in the same way we should also be there for them. When we share and walk with others it also keeps us accountable, so that if we do head off track we will have someone to guide us back. It’s so easy for wrong thoughts and thought patterns to snow ball is left unchecked. We should also pray together when possible that is incredibly powerful – One can put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand.(Duet 29:30). Praise God that He created us for relationship, first with Him and then with each other so that we can always be strengthened and supported in our daily walk.

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