Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later. Rom8:18. Keep your eyes on Jesus and not on the obstacles and distractions that you may be facing and He will take you into your miracle. Spend time in the Word and surround yourselves with those who build you up and not tear you down as encouragement has the power to dissolve fear and allow faith to grow to push you forward towards your breakthrough. God will you use your current circumstances to prepare you for the incredible things He has in your future if you just keep your eyes on Jesus. Mary Magdalene Jn20:1-2. ran to the tomb of Jesus before daybreak, not looking at the obstacles; danger of the night,guards at the tomb,but kept her eyes on Jesus, and as she was running the miracle had happened, Jesus had risen from the dead. Thank Jesus today that as you keep your eyes on Him,He will take you into your breakthrough.

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