Jesus replied, “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” Then he looked at those around him and said, “Look, these are my mother and brothers. Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.” Mark 3:33-35. When we decide to follow Jesus we become part of His spiritual family that will know no end. You will be filled with peace beyond words that your eternal future is secure in Him. As you become a part of His family you will realise that your identity and security is also in Him to become who God always meant you to be. It will become your desire to walk in God’s ways that will bring freedom and fulfilment into every part of your life. As we follow Jesus, He will lead us on a journey into the best life possible. Praise God today that as we accept Jesus into our heart by faith, we will become a part of God’s family and live in the abundant life He has for us, now and forever.

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