King Jotham became powerful because he was careful to live in obedience to the Lord his God. 2 Chr 27:6. When we determine to make God’s desires our desires, and His ways our ways, all things become possible. When we draw nearer to God we make room for His plans to unfold in our life. It’s in our quiet times with God that He will speak into our spirit to order our steps. When we are walking in His ways we are in harmony with God and we become so much more aware of His guidance and direction. His presence will fill us and the love of Jesus will just overflow in our life. Praise God today that as you determine to remove the obstacles that are holding you back from drawing nearer to God, His presence and perfect peace will reassure you of just how much you are truly loved, and that together with God you can rise above every obstacle to live the life that God had always planned for you.

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