Passion for your house has consumed me, and the insults of those who
insult you have fallen on me. PS69:9. What is your passion? How far
does it extend? Does it extend  to the point where it doesn’t matter
what anybody says or thinks? A passion for Gods House, His presence,
His life in us, working in us and through us should be our desire.
Those who insult you because of your faith are like blind people
criticsing colours. We must have compassion for them for they can not
see what we can see, the richness and beauty of an intimate
relationship with our God. We need passion in our walk and passion in
our talk.  It must elicit desire from others to know more about God.
Stir yourself up  today and reach beyond the fear of man to release
the overflow of Gods heart to change the world around you, your
family, your friends, your work, your city, your nation.

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