Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. Mat 6:21. Where is your heart? What is the biggest treasure in your heart? Your money, your career, status, family, your relationship with Jesus. When your heart priorities are right everything else will not only fall into place, but God’ s hand, favour and blessing will be on them. When God is first in your life, He will strengthen family ties and restore relationships, when God is first in your life He will guide your steps so that you will be blessed in whatever you do. When your heart priorities are in order, your whole body is in order. You will learn to be content with whatever you have and constantly joyful as God is always with you and will always provide. Praise God today that He loves you unconditionally and desires you to draw even closer to Him. When God is the treasure of your life, you will live a truly blessed life.

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