With every bone in my body I will praise him: “Lord, who can compare with you?Ps 35:10. Who can compare to our living God! He’s not a trendy God concept that makes fashionable conversation, but the only living God who changes lives, who is to be experienced. When you invite Jesus into your heart, by faith, He fills you with a depth of love and acceptance that you’ll never have experienced before. With Jesus in your heart you’ll experience peace with God that is deeper than any peace you’ll have ever known. Eternity will become something to be embraced and not feared. God is truly to be experienced. Life with Jesus is exciting as He’ll extend you, grow you, bless you and embrace you like you never thought possible. Praise God today that His awesomeness and loving kindness towards us is beyond Words and that He desires to move powerfully in our life as we allow Him the freedom to do so.

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