Short-tempered people do foolish things Pr 14:17a. We all have a fuse, and we all know exactly where that is and sometimes when we are under pressure that fuse can be much shorter. We also know when someone is pushing all our buttons and when we are approaching the point where we will lose it or say some things that we will regret later. We must learn to be wise and quietly ask for God’s help and wisdom rather than taking the easy route and letting loose. As soon as we lose our temper, a small situation can turn into a raging inferno where people say things they never would otherwise. We must learn to step away or be more creative in how we handle situations. If we can defer our anger it will give us more time to process and understand what is happening, and what we should do. Praise God today that He is our peace and wisdom, and as we keep close to Him He will guide our words and actions.

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