How much better to get wisdom than gold, and good judgment than silver! Pr 16:16. Wise decisions founded on good judgement is worth more than gold. We can be the victims of our own bad decisions and subject to unnecessary anguish when we have acted harshly or made a stupid choice. Our whole life cab be blown apart by a single serious error in judgement. Our life is the sum of our choices and actions. Our responses to things that happen to us can also have a significant impact on our life. An unwise reaction can make things worse while a reasoned response can quell a volatile situation. Wisdom will bring us peace, contentment, joy and happiness with whatever we have, living just one day at a time in God’s grace and blessing. Thank God today that He answers our prayers. Pray daily for wisdom beyond your years and the ability to show great judgement in all things, and you will truly live a blessed life.

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