But wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” Lk 7:35. Wisdom is the most precious gift of all. As we allow God’s wisdom to guide us we will make decisions that bear good fruit in our life and the lives of others, we will make decisions that go against the tide of opinion and see God’s hand move wonderfully in our favour. We are the product of our own decisions and how we have responded to decisions that others have made that effect our life. We can not control what happens to us,  but we can control our response. As we embrace the love of Jesus in our life, God will give us wisdom in our time of need and guide our steps. We only need to ask, as He is always there for us. Praise God today that the past also has no control over our future, so as we press into God and follow His promptings, our life will be established and His peace and goodness will follow us always.

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