Shout in celebration of praise to the Lord! Everyone who loves the Lord and delights in him will cherish his words and be blessed beyond expectation. PS112:1 TPT. With Jesus in our heart and a desire to walk in His ways, all things become possible. With Jesus in our heart we can live in the supernatural dimension where God goes before us to change hearts and open doors. As our desire is to please Him,and to draw nearer to Him, His love will entwine our life in ways we never thought possible. All of a sudden the impossible will become possible as we believe God’s Word over mans. His peace beyond words will fill our heart as confirmation that He’s with us and that we’re right with God. He will open our eyes to see things from His perspective, and change our heart to even love the unloveable. Praise God today that with Jesus in our heart we’ll know true love, peace and joy always in our life.

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