You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said. Lk 1:44. When Mary believed the angel she was blessed to become the mother of Jesus even without fully understanding how, but understanding enough that the path ahead would not be easy for a girl to be pregnant outside of wedlock at that time. When you believe God’s Word, you open up a path for God to move in response to your faith. Even though you may not understand how or when God will move or the potential consequences, God will take care of every detail. God does not provide half answers but completes what He begins. His plans for you are beyond your own imagination. He sees you in the fulfilment of everything He intended you to be. Praise God today that His Word can be trusted and will never fail, and as we trust Him, just as Mary did, we’ll see God’s favour, grace and mercy move wonderfully in our life. 

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