Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest. Eccl 11:4. You must make a start. Sometimes you can keep preparing or wait for the right moment until the actual moment or opportunity has passed. Whilst stepping out or starting is the hardest part, God will step out with you when you step out in faith, as faith without action is dead. You need to be active and in motion. Do this prayerfully. Whilst preparation is key to being ready, there comes a point where more preparation won’t make much difference until you start, at which point the next steps will become clear. God will always guide you when you trust Him. Thank Jesus for making a way today. Trust Him and make an active decision of the will to step out and make a start to what God has placed in your heart and purposed for you to do. Remember that with God, you and He are a majority in all things.

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