The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD. Pr 21:31. You need to position yourself to receive God’s best. If God’s called you to write for Him, and you ignore the tugs and stirrings on your heart, and don’t write, you will miss the opportunity when it comes by. Faith involves getting ourselves ready and doing our very best knowing that God will take us through. Faith also breaks through fear knowing that what you’re doing is more important than your fear. Don’t let fear steal your dreams! Just do it and trust God. In the old testament we read how the Israelites went into battle seriously outnumbered on many occasions, yet God gave them the victory. God wants to give you the victory as you prepare yourself in whatever He’s called you to do. Praise God today that He knows the beginning from the end, and desires to take you into victory from wherever you are right now.

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