But as soon as the feet of the priests who were carrying the Ark touched the water at the river’s edge, the water above that point began backing up a great distance. Jos 3:15b-16a. You need to step into your destiny. The power is in the step. God told the Israelites the read sea would not part until the feet of the priests carrying the ark touched the water. So they had to trust God and step into the water before it parted. Had they stood at the edge, an inch away from their destiny, nothing would have happened. No breakthrough ever happen in your comfort zone. You must step out and trust God. If He has placed something on your heart then step out, apply for that job, enrol in that course, step out and see what God will do. Praise God today that His love for you is greater than your greatest problem, so as you trust Him and step out, God will go with you to take further than you could ever go on your own.

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