When God created human beings, he made them to be like himself. Gen 5:1b. When God created man, He made us with every good thing, humour love and all the abilities we need to live a victorious life. Everything He loved about himself He gave to us. You are His masterpiece. He loved you before you were born and still loves you with an incredible love. You may not feel that as others have criticised or hurt you, or you’re not pleased about how your life is going, so that you no longer see yourself the way God sees you. However Jesus came not only to reconcile you to the Father but also to restore you to everything that God made you to be and to the future He intended you to have. He came to set you free and to give you new hope and a new mindset to see yourself and the world through His eyes. Thank Jesus today that you can live in victory regardless of where you are. Praise Him daily until you breakthrough.

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