Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can break bones. PR 25:15. Your words have the power to speak life into yours and others lives. Gentle words spoken in love can persuade or steer the most difficult situation. Don’t let the heat of emotion or anger detract from what you are saying. Be careful of your speech as negative words can rob you and others of their future. You will not rise above your words. If you continually say “you can’t” then you won’t or even worse, someone else won’t! How many dreams have been stolen with thoughtless words. Let faith filled words lift you and others into the realm of possibilities in God. Allow your words to edify,restore, encourage and create hope. Also be patient and allow God to bring your faith filled words into reality. Praise God today that His Word gives us hope and guidance in communicating with others. Let His Word be your words,always spoken in love.

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